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        Handicrafts Glue Machine ZCX-SZ700

        Ratio: 100:100-100:10 (or specify other proportions)
        Trajectory: point, line, circle, arc, curve, etc
        Efficiency: 1 to 6 or more glue, improve production efficiency
        Glue: silica gel, epoxy resin, PU glue, AB glue, etc
        Application: stickers, signs, smart CARDS, photo albums and other products

        Crafts glue machine by the gen xin company independent research and development production, with brand guide rail, screw, pump body, can choose according to customer\'s technical requirements, dispensing accuracy, fast, stable, high efficiency, professional engineering provide first-class solutions, welcome to visit our factory of counselling.

        Introduction to ZCX handicraft application:
        1) simple Chinese operation interface, after a training, soon learn, can be quickly on the post;
        2) different products can be targeted at different products, such as line, surface, arc, circle and irregular curve.
        3) oversize storage function, can store multiple sets of data, and improve the time of switching programming;
        4) the size of glue, the speed of glue, the time of glue and the time of stop glue can be set, the amount of glue is stable and the glue is not leaking.
        5) small handicraft products can choose another floor type point glue machine according to the user\'s demand, with CCD intelligent positioning system, which can be arranged at will.
        6) the integration of glue, glue and track filling are fully automatic;
        7) according to the demand ratio, the side mixing side irrigation can be realized, and the glue can be saved.
        8) A, B and B separate storage materials to ensure that the glue will not be solidified for A long time;
        9) the mixing ratio is 100:100 or 100:10, and other proportions can be specified, using dynamic or static mixing, mixing evenly and fully;
        10) unique control system, which is not affected by air pressure factors, avoids the phenomenon of gels, drawing, bubbles, etc.;
        11) automatic mixing automatic cleaning function and timing glue function.
        12) the storage barrel is equipped with a liquid level induction switch, and automatic alarm of missing material;
        13) it can be used to stir, heat and reserve vacuum defoaming function for different kinds of drops.

        The parameters of the glue machine of ZCX handicraft:
        1. Model: ZCX-SZ700
        2. Dimensions: L1465*W1150*H1400mm
        3. Adhesive ratio: 100:100-100:10 (or designated other proportion)
        4. Programming method: show the programming method of mixing: dynamic stirring
        5. Machine stroke: XYZ700*700*100
        6. Operating speed: XY350mm/S Z180mm/S
        7. Operation mode: high precision guide + step + synchronous belt
        8. A pump: gear pump 9CC B pump: gear pump 1.2-4cc
        9. Barrels capacity: A20L B20L cleaning 6L
        10. Gelatine size: 5-60g/5s standard with single head (customizable long 1-6, 8,10,12 drops adhesive)
        11. Input pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
        12. Operation accuracy: accuracy: 100g plus or minus 1%
        13. Power of power: AC220V 50HZ 900W about 850KG

        The application glue of ZCX handicraft drip machine:

        Applicable to various kinds of glue, such as silicone, epoxy resin, AB glue, crystal glue, PU adhesive, etc.


        The application field of ZCX handicraft drip machine:

        Widely used in arts and crafts (stickers, stickers, trademark paper, cartoon paper, label, photo album), digital electronics, LED waterproof power supply

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